Affiliate Marketing

Startree has been engaged in OEM designer handbags of well-known brand for many years and has gained rich experience in the cooperation. Now, to expand business, we plan to recruit agents and distributors worldwide.

we can provide Affiliate Marketing Opportunities to every one who wanner cooperate with  us.  And then just do your best to promote your affiliate link to earn much more money asap!!

It's easy! You earn almost  10% for every new customer you send our way through your affiliate link. Just stay at home and tell your friends, family, website visitors and social media followers about our website to promote your affiliate link by many kinds  of social media tools such as facebook instagram reddit youtube and  so on  . Your earnings can pile up fast. 

brief introduction:

If you want to join us, we will set up a distribution link for you. You can promote this link in any way: your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other way (including telling friends who want to buy our products) is fine.

As long as someone enters our website through your distribution link, and successfully places an order and pays, you can get the commission we gave you. This commission will be sent to you the day after the guest receives the product we are sending and is satisfied (make sure it will not be refunded).

Rest assured, all you need to do is promote the distribution link through any channel. If someone buys a product through your link, the staff at the startree will be solely responsible for the next steps. After the customer places an order, it includes the dunning, arranges the goods after payment, contacts the customer to confirm the goods, sends the goods to the customer, tells the customer the tracking number, reminds the customer to receive the goods, and asks the customer to be satisfied with the product after receiving the goods. We will perfect these details.

If you feel that there are many potential customers around you, you may wish to contact us and join us. Contact our staff and explain what we mean, we will set up and send you your distribution link for you.

It is important to note that by joining us in this way, we will not send you our products and will only pay you a commission based on the number of successful orders.

If we sent you a distribution link, but you changed your mind. do not worry. If your distribution link does not bring an order within half a year, the distribution link will automatically expire.

Welcome to join us!

Main Business Scope: Louis Vuitton,Chanel,Gucci,Fendi,YSL, Dior,HANDBAGS etc.


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